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展会展现了各式各样的构思产品,演绎出美好日子。蒂森克虏伯家用电梯露脸2例如:构思设计家具、浙江绍兴越城区96333救援热线完成在用电梯全掩盖,环保日子物品、改造戏曲等等。蒂森克虏伯家用电梯向参观者展现了两款家用电梯的杰出产品——Volant福朗环保别墅电梯及Flow福柔座椅电梯,而奥托博克展现了十余款高端轮椅。这无疑向参观者传递:运用咱们的产品能够让您“自在地‘行走’到家中任何一个旮旯”。蒂森克虏伯电梯 “阳光365基金”阳光步行在大连活动
蒂森克虏伯家用电梯带给很多别墅业主簇新的“无梯不成墅”别墅电梯新理念,浙江突击检查电梯维保单位 6家归纳评分“不合格”,将美轮美奂家装风格与高端科技质量相结合,011上海构思工业博览会安徽省发布电梯维保质量检查成果 2,出现与高级住所完美匹配的别墅电梯;参观者亦可亲自体会Flow曲线型楼梯升降座椅带来的安全舒适与精巧快捷。蒂森克虏伯家用电梯使得别墅用户的上下楼梯变得无比的轻松和自在。



ThyssenKrupp Access China Appeared in 2011 Shanghai Creative Industry Expo

2011 Shanghai Creative Industry Expo was held in Shanghai Mart on Oct 26 to Nov 1, 2011. ThyssenKrupp Access China was invited to attend with the other two partners: a famous high-class wheelchair German company Otto Bock China and a well-known integrated care Sweden company Arjohuntleigh. The three companies shared one booth of the area of 200 square meters.
In the expo gathered various creative products which serve for a better life, such as creative designed furniture, environmental daily products, innovative Chinese opera...etc… ThyssenKrupp Access showed our star product Home Elevator and Chairlift and Otto Bock showed their top ten high-level wheelchairs which can tell the visitors by using our products, you can move to every corner in your home by freedom.
Through the expo, one of our products Flow chairlift was reported full of praise by a News Channel on Radio, “990 China Morning Herald”.
ThyssenKrupp conveyed a new concept of the lifestyle---- “Villa is perfect only if it equipped with the home elevator”. ThyssenKrupp home elevators, which can match the top grade houses perfectly, combine the customize style of decoration and the advanced technology.
During the exhibition, visitors can experience the safety, comfortable feeling and convenience from FLOW. ThyssenKrupp Access offers an unparalleled luxury and freedom solution to your own home.
Picking up the feedback from the visitors, we can conclude that more and more clients prefer our products. Therefore, we must enhance our technology and develop more new solutions to satisfy the need of customers.

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